Transnet Global Network is one of the largest Global Business  Network Organization in the world.We offer our members the opportunity to share ideas, to connect, learn , to exchange  business and to find Business Opportunities and Support.

   This website presents professionals like you with an exciting opportunity to secure distinctive Business and Education  opportunities in other Countries around the world and to build a Network for your self in the process.    

               Our mission is to create a positive climate for healthy Global Business , Education  growth and economic Development while supporting the well being and quality of life in the worldwide community, by providing a world of business  opportunities and bring business community together to exchange goods,education and services and to promote interaction and communication mutually beneficial to all business involved.  We serve as the premier resources for connecting aspiring and accomplished professionals,Student , as well as men and women worldwide in a community experience that will assist them in realizng their professional and personal goals.  

         Today, TGN is widely know for its practical, down to earth approach, a capable, intelligent team of business experts,Education guidance counselor, a willingness to listen and respond to its members, and an unrelenting passion for helping business  grow.  Increase your Global exposure in an industry where relationships are key to business and education success, organizational membership help you to stand out among the immense number of professionals worlwide .  We are open to all individuals, companies and other associations who have an interest in aggregating and promoting Business  Network and Global opportunities.


Diversity is one of the driving reasons for success.  Because we count on different ideas to help us compete in a diverse Global market place. Membership helps you  establish contacts and create a personal and business network of active professionals with similar responsabilities and interests, we help our members uncover and develop business and services and Products opportunities.  Members have access to an online database of individuals and corporations, an online business forum, a program of industry specific seminars,training and business networking events and much more.  Be involved in developing and delivering education and training.  Join a priviledged membership network of qualified Global business Corporate owners and Student by networking and get corporate Discounts and Employment opportunities.



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